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Black Mountains Gliding Club

Talgarth - where other UK glider pilots go for their holidays!

Talgarth airfield is home to a small but very active gliding club, set 970 feet above sea level in the stunning scenery of the Black Mountains halfway between Hay on Wye to the east and Brecon to the west.


With soarable conditions on most days, we have long average flight times throughout the year, and for the experienced pilot, we can offer ridge runs and wave flying in almost any wind direction and excellent cross country options. For the less experienced, we offer training at all levels from ab initio to advanced wave and hill soaring.

You can book a trial lesson, a fixed price course or further training by telephoning Liz at the club office during weekday mornings.

Cockpit view

At the Black Mountains Gliding Club we aim to maximise your air time, so you learn quickly and efficiently. You are taken through a training schedule, which allows both you and your instructors to monitor your progress through to solo.

Your airtime will be greater than most locations in the UK, because the local terrain provides good ridge soaring potential. Training flights are typically 45 to 60 minutes, which means you get more time to practice than many locations.

By the time you are sent solo, you will be able to act as pilot in command, undertake pre-flight inspections, handle aircraft correctly on the ground, assist with airfield operations, take off, and land.

You will be able to demonstrate to your instructor that you possess all the skills required to fly safely on your own. And yes - flying on your own for the first time gives a feeling of such immense satisfaction, and yet, it is the real start of your flying career!

Gliding is an affordable sport, it has a good outdoor lifestyle, and yes, we do have fun. Also, the views of the majestic Brecons Beacons makes Talgarth Airfield a magnet for flying and ---- later on in the day, why not discuss your flying exploits with a BBQ under the Talgarth Airfield oak tree - Life doesn't get much better than this!

K13 Trial Lesson.jpg

The trial lesson

We always recommend you take a trial lesson, prior to learning to fly. This is an opportunity for you to meet the instructors and confirm you will enjoy flying sailplanes. You will also be able to chat with other students and get an undiluted opinion of the club. Many flying options are available to support your first steps into this exciting sport.

For an exhilarating summer activity holiday,why not try a flying course over 3, 4 or 5 days. Plus, after flying, you can take a walk up into the hills to see your fellow glider pilots soaring on the Beacons.

Also, flying in the National Park, and beyond it, you can fly and observe red kites, & buzzards and admire their wonderful flying skills, and perhaps pick up a few tips from them.

Facts and Figures...

Gliding is not a hugely expensive sport, and for people wishing to join our club, annual flying membership is available for under £250.
Glider hire for all club gliders (one & two seaters) is less than £30 per flying hour.
Glider launch costs are based on the height the glider releases the tow line to the Pawnee towplane.
A 1000ft launch is £27, & a 2000ft tow is £34. So, and hours flying can often be less than £55.

If you want to visit the club and watch before flying, no problem. We have a secure picnic area for visitors to use, and you will have the opportunity to speak to club members about this wonderful sport.

We do insist that visitors do not enter any operational part of the airfield for Health and Safety reasons, unless accompanied by a club member. Please have fun watching and photographing the gliders, then come fly with us.

Already a member of another gliding club? No problem, book yourself in for some training under our reciprocal arrangements.

Ridge Soaring by Y-Das

In a northerly wind the ridges work from Hay Bluff down into the Brecon Beacons, and beyond for the more adventurous and experienced hill pilot. NW winds give wave over the Wye valley. Easterly wave occurs in the Cwmdu valley. High climbs are possible in SW wave over Brecon, Llangorse and sometimes, when in phase, in the Golden valley to diamond heights. Talgarth is also establishing itself as an important cross country site.

End of the day

The perfect end to the perfect day - what a wonderful part of Wales!

Call the office weekday mornings on 01874 411463 to book a trial lesson

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